A Tragedy Called Bost

In a rather bizarre attempt by workers of Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation to cover their sordid deals that is costing the country millions of dollars, they have issued a statement, calling on the president not to pay heed to allegations of corruption leveled against their Managing Director.

A run away wonder kid of this administration, Alfred Obeng, has cost this country to lose more money in his short stewardship at BOST than an y single Chief Executive Officer of government parastatal within the same period.

Listening to commentaries on the radio, television, streets or flipping through pages newspapers, any visitor to this country, would have no doubt but to conclude that the MD of BOST, Alfred Obeng, has been a woeful failure.

In the interest of clarity, the workers of BOST, do not have any right to give their boss a clean bill of health and impose it on all of us, including the president.

What they did, could only be described as a preemptive strike to avert any decision or action that the government, might want to take to save the public purse.

BOST workers, could be said to be acting true to type of civil servants in our time, they do not care about the survival of the institution, but rather what and how much they can take home.

Martin Amidu, the Special Prosecutor and the one we think has the magic wand to stop corruption is about to start work, BOST, is one of the institutions that should not escape his radar.

The workers of BOST, through whose omission any act of negligence was committed in the famous contaminated oil sale and the latest 2 million barrels of crude oil sold to BB Energy, must be prepared to answer.

Seeking to clear the Alfred Obeng will not clear them either. Our commonwealth cannot be mismanaged by a group of people and turn around to pat each other on the back for a good job done.

Where lies their conscience, as responsible citizens of this land, time will tell.

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