A Sachet Of Water Must Be Sold For 25 Pesewas


One bag of sachet water, contains thirty pieces, and was previously being sold for GH¢3. The retailers sell one for 20p, by simple calculation, when you multiply 20p by the thirty pieces, it comes to GH¢6, that is almost a hundred percent profit.

On Tuesday, the National Association of Sachet and Packaged Water Producers, announced that, effective February 1, 2016, prices of a sachet water was going to be sold for 30p, whilst a bag will go for Gh¢5.

Producers, do not need to decide how much water should be retailed, they can go ahead and increase a bag from Gh¢3 to Gh¢5, but should not announced and impose on consumers how much they should buy a sachet of water.

Even with a bag going for Gh¢ 5, retailers can still sell a sachet for 25p and still make profit.

Yesterday, The Head of Communication at the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), Stanley Martey, made a very interesting revelation on Citi Breakfast Show, when he said, More than 90 percent of sachet water producers use water from the Ghana Water Company as their raw material for the production of sachet water”.

If this revelation is to be considered, the Association of Sachet Water producers do not have any justification for the intended increment.

How much do they pay to the GWCL, to justify the increment? We call on the Food and Drugs Authourity (FDA), to deploy its monitoring team, to inspect the facilities of the water producers, if we must accept to pay more, we must be guaranteed safe and clean water, else we drink direct from the pipe.

Should they go ahead to increase a bag of water, and the retail price, retailers are going to make abnormal profit, off the back of consumers, who already have to deal with increases in every essential service in the country.

Consumers in this country, have sat back all these years and allow every business man and woman to take advantage of them.
As consumers, it is about time we also hit the streets to demand value for money, as well as the fact that, we are treated well and fairly.

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