A-G Retrieves Gh¢4 Million From Woyome


Government Reveals As Omane Boamah Discredits Martin Amidu

Impeccable information from the corridors of power, has revealed the retrieval of GH¢4 million from the embattled businessman, Alfred Agbesi Woyome, by the Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Marietta Brew Appiah-Oppong.

The Herald, is also informed that, the Attorney General’s Department, has been attaching properties of Mr. Woyome and some of his bank accounts garnisheed over the GH¢51.2million judgment debt payment made to him under controversial circumstance.

Mr. Woyome, according to insiders at the A-G Department, has made commitment to payback the rest of the money, hence the discontinuation of the application for oral exams in the Supreme Court.

The Herald learnt that, apart from Mr. Woyome, a Chief State Attorney, Nerquaye Tetteh, also has been subjected to disciplinary proceedings by a committee chaired by a retired Supreme Court Justice, Rose Owusu, with a report to be submitted next month, which will be made public.

“Between 2013 and now the AG’s Dept has saved over $1billion by defending cases unlike Akufo Addo who directed Osafo Maafo as Finance Minister to pay monies to the Great Cape Company”, according to an officer in the A-G Department.

The revelations, come as former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Martin Alamisi Amidu, has filed for leave at the Supreme Court to be allowed to examine Mr. Woyome, claiming the recent application of government to discontinue cross examination of the businessman, is another move “to deceive the public and obstruct the course of justice”.

He has, however, incurred the wrath of Communications Minister, Dr. Edward Omane Boamah, who on Saturday, minced no words in calling the former Attorney General a “damn big liar”.

Mr. Amidu, had alleged that government took that decision after the financier of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) threatened to reveal beneficiaries of the judgment debt were he to be examined in court.

“In my application I filed today, I made use of information provided to me that: ‘….when the Judgment Debtor was served with the order of the Court he went to inform the NDC of which he is a member and financier and the incumbent Government, in particular the Attorney General and the President personally, that should the order applied for by the Government for his examination be not discontinued he will have no option at his appearance at the Court than to disclose truthfully and faithfully to the Court on oath the names of all NDC and Government beneficiaries of the judgment debt which was paid to him as a result of the unconstitutional conduct of the Attorney General declared in the decision of this Court,” the former Attorney General stated in his application filed on Friday, November 4.

After the Court ordered Mr Woyome to return the GH¢51.2 million said to have been wrongfully paid to him by government, the wheels of execution of that order by the current Attorney General appears to be grinding slow, raising suspicion among the public.

“I would like to assure all public spirited Ghanaians that should I be given the opportunity to examine the Judgment Debtor, Alfred Agbesi Woyome, in Court the good people of Ghana will hear and see the beneficiaries of the unconstitutional judgment debt in the NDC and this Government,” Mr. Amidu stated in his application.

But the minister contributing to a discussion on MultiTV/Joy FM’s news analysis programme, Newsfile, on Saturday, listed a number of claims Mr. Amidu made in court and his public treatise, describing them as “lies”.

He therefore accused Mr. Amidu of “perjury”, when he asserted that “Martin has told lies to the Supreme Court”.

The Minister recalled Mr. Amidu, telling the courts that the current Attorney General, Mrs Marietta Brew Appiah-Opong’s firm, Lithur-Brew and Co, represented Austro-Invest, a company he claimed benefited from the GH¢51.2million, wrongly paid to Woyome.

He also mentioned cases such as Alfred Agbesi Woyome vrs Raymond Archer (a journalist), and Raymond Smith (Ray Smith) a shareholder of Austro-Invest and Managing Director of M-pawapak Ltd vrs Alfred Agbesi Woyome.

Dr. Omane Boamah, insisted that in all these cases, Mr. Amidu, lied when he claimed the Attorney General’s firm was on the side of Mr. Woyome, when in fact the firm was rather against Woyome.

It was based on these that the Minister projected the former Attorney General that “he is a damn big liar”.

“Get Martin Amidu to speak to his lies,” Dr. Omane Boamah demanded, pestering the host of the show, Samson Lardy Anyenini to call Martin Amidu into the show, but the host will not budge.

The Minister insisted that the “the truth is being sacrificed” with the host’s show of disinterest in calling the ex-Attorney General to substantiate his claims, which had been discredited.

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