A community in crisis – Akukorkpo residents drink muddy water


The people in the Volta Region village of Mafi Akukokpo are in dire need. They have no potable water source, so all of them drink from a small dugout of muddy water.

Joy News’ Joseph Opoku Gakpo who visited the village reports that residents including children on a daily basis, walk for 15 minutes or more to get to the nearest water source.

But the water is unclean, brownish, muddy, and as thick as porridge; sticks and tree branches make the water clearly unusable.

Felicia Aziedorme, a mother of four, say the water she fetches to do her daily household chores, is actually mud.

But she and her family drink it like that without any form of treatment. For them, they are grateful they at least they have some water to rely on to stay alive.

“We drink the water, bath with it, cook with it, and wash with it. We do not have any other water source around here,” she told the reporter.

She added “we can’t be too sure if it isn’t causing us any diseases but this is the only water we have. And we will continue to use it.”

According to Felicia’s daughter, Sylvia, they will not even allow for the mud to settle before they go fetch it to use for washing of dishes and cooking since they don’t have a choice.

“This is the only water that we have. We want government to bring us another water…pipe borne water,” Sylvia said.

Assembly member for the area Julius Karl Fieve told Joy News the community feels it has been neglected by governments for far too long.

“The water situation is very worrying,” the frustrated man said.

The women in the community told the reporter, “We do not have electricity. Even clean water too, we don’t have. Are we not part of Ghana?” one of them quizzed.



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