8000 Teachers Under Double Track System Threaten Strike Action


Teachers in the various Senior High Schools (SHS) handling students under the government’s Double Track System Programmeacross the countryare threatening to strike over unpaid salaries.


Numbering about 8000,the Coalition of Double Track Teachers, recruited last year for the purposeof supporting the Free Senior High School programme, are agitated because months after their engagement, the Ministry of Education, has failed to ensure they receive their monthly salariesfrom the Controller and Accountant General.

According to the teachers, government’s inability to pay their salaries has forced them to abandon the classrooms regularly.

Members of the Coalition, some of whom have been posted to different regions and areas, said they are struggling to find accommodation, feed and transport themselves to and fro these schools, and also meet some family demands.

The teachers say, the situation is already dwindling the academic fortunes of these students, who have been grouped into Green and Gold Tracks.

“The worrying trend is that some of us were posted to alien regions and for that matter, are struggling with accommodation, feeding issues, transportation and are unable to meet family responsibilities”

As a result, most of us are unable to attend a class regularly which is causing a sharp decline in the academic fortunes of the situations. What is more heartbreaking is the silence on the part of stakeholders (the Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Service)”.

The group, is further shocked at the deafening silence of the Ministry of Education headed by Dr. Mathew OpokuPrempehand the Ghana Education Service (GES).

In a press release dated February 12, 2019 signed by it Executive Secretary, Isaac KobinaAnsah; President, Raymond KakuDanye and two others, the Coalition said they will be forced to put down their tools, and called on President Nana Akufo-Addo and all stakeholders, to put measures in place to forestall the impending strike.

“We are, therefore, appealing to all stakeholders of Education especially the Ministry of Education and His Excellency, the President of the republic, Nana Addo-DankwaAkufo-Addo to intervene in a timely manner, [or] we will be compelled to put down our tools”, the Coalition said.





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