6 Weekend Mistakes To Avoid


The weekend is fast approaching. Here are some activities you definitely have to avoid during the weekend if you want to live a longer healthier life.

1.Staying plugged in: let go of the whatsapp, twitter and other social media for a while. In fact, anything that has got to do with technology. After all, too much of everything is bad.

2.Sleeping in too late: weekend social schedules can demand a total different bedtime routine compared to the rest of the week. Staying up late and sleeping in the next day could make you feel more tired and it will be difficult to jump back into your normal sleep schedule for the week.

3.Overeating: We all know it is bad. Research shows that people tend to eat more during the weekends. Overeating sabotages all weight loss efforts as well as result in high calorie intake.

4.Catching up on work: The weekend is for relaxation!!!!! Enough said.

5.Running errands and doing chores: We all know cleanliness is next to godliness. I am not saying do not do any housework at all but minimize it as much as possible. Perhaps take thirty minutes of your time each day to run an errand and do your house chores. Spending your weekend running all errands makes you tired by Monday morning.

6.Stressing on Sunday: Avoid wasting your Sunday by anticipating the stress you will face during the week.

Hope you avoid these mistakes and have a great weekend.

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