6 Eating Styles That Make You Fat


It’s not just what you eat but how, why and where that can be vital when it comes to weight control. Read on to discover the different eating habits that could be sabotaging your diet efforts.

1.You are an emotional eater
For you food is infinitely more than just fuel. It’s an emotional prop, a solace when you’re bored or lonely and a release when you feel angry or stressed. Studies have linked anxiety, depression and anger with overeating for many people.

Eating a lot does not change the situation you are in. when emotionally disturbed, talk to a friend, take a walk, the whole point is distract yourself.

2.You constantly fret about your eating
You are always counting calories and what not to eat. You are obsessed with your diet, in the end food takes control over you.

You can stop fretting by planning ahead for your week’s meal and snack menu and don’t buy foods that you’re going to agonize about eating

3.You are hooked on fast food
You know you should eat fresh, cook from scratch and check food labels. But poor planning and lack of time mean you often miss breakfast and then grab a pastry at 11am. You rely far more than you should on processed food, high in calories, sugar and salt.

Solution: Make a commitment that for at least a week you’ll eat fresh whole food as often as possible. Give yourself a little more time to plan, shop for and enjoy cooking.

4.You are an unconscious eater
You come home from work, go straight to the kitchen and open the fridge. Or turn on the television, grab a packet of biscuits and by the time the programme is over they’re all gone. The odds are you don’t remember eating them.

Change your lifestyle by transforming that unconscious behavior into full awareness so you start to make positive choices about whether to eat in the first place, what you will eat and how much.

5.You eat in the car/ at the desk
You persistently eat on the run, bolting the food down wherever you are, hardly noticing what you eat and rarely sharing a meal with others, you may never really feel satisfied and eat more to compensate.

You can stop this by giving food and your eating environment your full attention. Leave the office to eat lunch rather than snacking at your desk, and enjoy long, lazy meals with family and friends at the weekends.

6.Your food is loaded with meaning
For you, food is never just food. It’s always ‘good’ or ‘bad’, acceptable or banned, so you’re constantly struggling to beat your cravings for the forbidden stuff and stay on the straight and narrow.

Keep in mind that it’s basic psychology that as soon as food is forbidden you’ll want it more, which is why we never ban foods. So stop denying yourself the foods you really enjoy, and start being careful about how often and how much you eat of them.

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