5 Ways To Keep Your Brain Sharp


The brain is the cooking pot of your thoughts and the root of your ideas. Keeping it sharp and alert should be one of your top most priorities. Here are easy ways to keep the brain sharp

1.Eat more vegetables
They’re rich in vitamins and nutrients (like E, B6, and folic acid) that protect against brain cell damage. But don’t forget that as soon as you pick a tomato off the vine or pull a carrot out of the ground, its nutrient content starts to decline. So the longer it sits on store shelves (or inside your refrigerator), the less good it’s doing you.

2.Play mind games
This is the best way to slow the mental decline that can come with aging. Play a musical instrument or solve crossword puzzles and other brain games.

3.Sign up for dance lessons
To really sharpen your brain, pick a workout that stimulates you both mentally and physically. One great example is dance. Moving the body in a coordinated fashion and following along with complex movements in sync with music requires lots of brainpower. Dancing also works your heart, so you’re pumping more blood upstairs.

4.Wear a helmet
Always protect your head whenever you go cycling or motor riding. Wear the protective gear required when indulging in any activity that requires a protection gear.

5.Choose red wine over white wine
Red wine contains a compound called resveratrol, which recent research shows may help prevent the buildup of plaque. Brain plaques are often seen in Alzheimer’s patients, and they cause a breakdown in the communication between neurons.

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