2nd Lady Calls On The Youth In Our Society To Study


By Maxwell Okamafo Addo

The Second Lady, Mrs. Matilda Amissah-Arthur, has advised students and the youth in our society to study hard to become productive citizens in future,
She made the statement on Sunday January 13, 2014 at the Royal Fiesta Hotel in Accra, where she launched an appeal for Funds for an NGO known as BASICS, based in Chokor, which works with communities in different regions of Ghana to achieve the mission of alleviating poverty.

Launching the funds, Mrs. Amissah-Arthur, stated that she has been with BASICS for over eight years, so knows what they have done for the society in terms of education they have provided to the less privileged in society, so there was the need to encourage them to continue with their good works that they have been doing for the past fourteen years.

She said, the world was developing at a faster rate due to technological advancement, and it was, therefore, very important that students in particular, were provided with the requisite knowledge to be able to cope with the changes, so as to become responsible future leaders.

She, therefore, appealed to students to take advantage of the centre to improve on their reading skills and take advantage of Basics, because they don’t only teach one subject but also unearth talents at a very tender age. By “Ending cycles of illiteracy, poverty, hunger and child labour in Ghana permanently”.

On her part, Madam Patricia Wilkins, known as“AUNTY PAT” said BASICS, was a faith based organization, because it was JUST that which motivated, inspired and sustained and was founded on Christian beliefs of the founder, who felt and still has a strong calling to serve God, by helping mankind.
BASIC is an organisation committed to helping all, regardless of their religious beliefs, race or sex.

Since its inception in 2000, BASICS have supported many communities in different regions of Ghana.

From 2005 to present, our main facility ‘Nana’s House II’ has been located in Chorkor, an overpopulated fishing community located on the outskirts of the nation’s capital city, Accra.

Located on the outskirts of Accra, Chorkor, is one of the poorest low-income, indigenous housing communities in the area. According to a CHF report, the situation in Chorkor is considered “poverty endemic area.

As a dangerously overpopulated area, Chorkor lacks basic infrastructure, such as toilets, bath houses, drains, and roads. Houses are generally made of brick, mud and plywood. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, fishing, fish mongering, and fish smoking are the primary occupations of this community.

The unfortunate reality faced by the locals of Chorkor, is that many of the children are the main breadwinners of their household, being the ones that sell the products of a hard day’s labor for their parents, who are fishermen and fish mongers (A fish smoker).

The financial burden of school is not necessarily the fees, but rather the loss of a small income the family depends on.

BASICS addresses these issues by sponsoring the cost of the childrens education, uniforms, stationary and learning materials, which in turn, reduces the burden of the child’s family.

Despite the difficulties the people of CHORKOR face, BASICS challenges, you to find a community with more buzz and excitement. Throughout the year, many traditional festivals are celebrated with the sound of drums, the smell of food, the color of African prints and exuberant smiles, injecting even more culture and history into this memorable setting. Experiencing Chorkor is experiencing a true taste of Africa.

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