How 29 Is The Age When Women Feel Most Beautiful


Source: Daily Mail, UK

The rosy cheeks and fresh-faced looks of their teenage years might be gone but it seems that’s no impediment to beauty, after a survey found that women feel most beautiful at the age of 29.

Although the majority remain wrinkle-free and are yet to feel the effects of the middle age spread, confidence was pinpointed as the top reason for the finding followed by falling in love and enjoying a stable relationship.

Interestingly, more women said they felt confident without make-up (17 per cent) at the age of 29 than they did with a fully made-up face.
The poll, which was conducted by skincare brand St. Ives, also looked at how confidence rises and falls depending on the time of the week.

Friday was revealed to be the most beautiful day of the week for the majority of women, with a third saying they feel at their best at 10am on a Friday morning.

More than a quarter said they felt good at this time because they had slept well, with one in eight stating that they felt fresh faced and full of energy.

The survey also revealed that getting plenty of beauty sleep is key, with nearly two-thirds of women stating that they feel at their least beautiful when tired.

Almost half said that stress made them unattractive, while 29 per cent said that being in the presence of other attractive women made them feel less beautiful.

The research also found that women feel at their most naturally beautiful on their wedding day, on holiday and while pregnant.
One in eight feel they bask in a naturally beautiful glow after making love, and three per cent of women feel most attractive at work.

For those in need of a confidence boost, compliments from friends and other women proved to be the most effective way of shaking off the beauty
blues – more so than recieving compliments from men.

Nicole Melmore, brand manager at St. Ives, said: ‘From age to occasions, our research shows that beauty really isn’t skin deep.
‘In fact, with more women stating that they feel more beautiful when they are at home without their make-up on (17 per cent) compared to when they’re wearing lots of make-up (seven per cent), it seems that feeling attractive isn’t just down to having a perfectly made up face.

‘There are a variety of factors that contribute to making women feel beautiful in their own skin, from a simple good night’s sleep to eating a healthy diet.

‘We hope that women across the UK – of all ages – discover the little things that make them feel more attractive and have the confidence to embrace their natural beauty as a result.’

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