Akufo-Addo And Family Destroying This Country

The level of incompetence and arbitrary decision being taken by the president and his family members, is a short road to plunging this country into chaos.

From the 2.25 billion bond cooked for the friends of the finance minister, Ken Ofor- Atta, to the latest gross abuse of power by the Chief Justice, Sophia Akufo, in a petition, asking for the removal of Charlotte Osei, the chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC).

The judiciary, which is supposed to represent the conscience of the nation, must be seen to be fair in dealing with all manner of persons, because they are the last resort, where everyone can find justice.

When a case is filed in a court against you, the processes involved that you are served, you are given a number of days to respond, before a date will be set for appearance in court.

Going by this, if a frivolous petition, has been forwarded to your office, you do not write to the accused, attaching the petition, but you write inviting the person to appear before a committee to answer to what?

When a process that is supposed to be transparent and fair to all parties involved, starts this way, whatever outcome that, will be arrived at, will be subject to further review, amidst mistrust.

The rules are simple, but because of vindictiveness, it is being circumvented, putting the whole country in jeopardy.

Apart from the military taking over the country, the other institution that, has the capacity, if not handled well to plunge this country into chaos is the Electoral Commission.

Nana Akufo-Addo, is toay occupying the highest office of the land and enjoying all the perks of that office, because the EC chairperson declared him, as having won the 2016 election.

God, will punish all those whose agenda it is to send this country back to the dark days. Nana Addo and his people are so consumed by power, they is no line they are not ready to cross.

A united country was handed over to you since day one, what he has sought to do, together with his family members is to destroy everything, but God will not allow that to happen.



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