25 years of Democracy and We Have A Bigot In The Flagstaff House

Intolerant is a leader, who deliberately on two occasions since the birth of his administration, decides to meet the press and leaving out the press predisposed to the opposition party.

On Wednesday, Donald Nana Addo Trump, met the press at the flagstaff house, to sing his own praises and take the opportunity, to remind us of, how bad the previous administration mismanaged our resources.

Since coming into power in 2017, the governing New Patriotic Party, has shown Ghanaians, who they really are. They do not pretend anymore about their vision for the country.

Donald Nana Addo Trump, came in with an eye on a national office and an exaggerated sense of importance,  he embarked on an unsophisticated show of abracadabra.

He moved from one half-baked project into another. His policies are not any different. They lack focus and vigorous examination. He undermined his constituents and finished off his party (APGA) where Peter Obi had left it to die.

The president and his appointees know that Rome was not build by men who took one step forward and two steps backward. They know that a man who takes a step forward and two steps backwards is retrogressing.  But they have specialized in amplifying that step forward to create an impression of a forward movement.

A man who always take the credit for repealing the criminal law, and helping to entrench media freedom, will on two occasions, meet the media and cleverly decide to exclude dissenting media.

A bigot, has found his way to the seat of government, not too long ago, I wrote an article, given reasons, why Nana Addo, is no different from Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, has described the media in so many unprintable words, their crime is, they disagree with him and are of the firm conviction that, his actions, utterances are eroding the gains and further affecting the image of the United States of America abroad.

What is the president afraid of, to the extent that, he has decided to reinvent the wheel different from what his predecessor did. The late President, John Evans Atta Mills, during his encounters with the media, made sure media houses predisposed to the New Patriotic Party, were invited to the Castle. In fact, he made sure they were given the opportunity to ask questions.

Let me hasten to add that, it was only Ken Kuranchie, Editor of the Daily Searchlight, who has developed the penchant of writing all manner of unsubstantiated lies against the person of president Mills and his administration.

Former president, John Dramani Mahama, who has been described variously as treating journalists badly, during his media encounters, invited wide range of them from media houses, who are very critical of his government.

If the president was clear in his mind and conscience, he will not be happy to be engaging media houses that only come to sing his praises and ask ridiculous questions.

The beauty of the encounter, has been lost in the caliber of questions asked, what other outcome, did we expect, when the misinformation minister, weeping Mustapha Hamid, decided to invite only journalists, who share in the ideology of the NPP.

25 years of practicing multi-party democracy and we are still yet to appreciate the tenets of democracy. In a democracy, like political parties, the media is also divided, either being center right or centre left.

President Nana Addo, must learn to be tolerant of dissenting views. No president can succeed, if all hears oner wants to hear is everyone given him a pass mark, as happened on Wednesday.

If any scenario can be used to describe the imbroglio surrounding the much talked about media encounter  at the Flagstaff House, it must be that of the dance of the masquerade – from the President to the journalists assembled there and back again, there was nothing of  substance by way of policies and programmes to create jobs, stimulate economic activity and reduce poverty, as well as relevant and thought provoking questions to test the preparedness of the president and ascertain whether he was on top of issues.

We cannot be said to be deepening our democracy, when instead of seeing our opponents for what they are—opponents, we see them as enemies.

The presence of the opposition, will have poisoned the atmosphere,  they will have prevented the president from speaking, or worse still, he will have collapsed, if any one of them, steps forward to ask a question.

Every question, that was to be asked, will be a question relating primarily to Ghana. No question, will be asked about the health of President Muhammed Buhari of Nigeria, or Brexit or why president Johnson Sirlif of Liberia, has been expelled from her party, so it could not be argued that, we were not invited because of the questions, we are likely to ask.

We should have been celebrating our diversity and congratulating each for tolerating each other, but unfortunately the number one gentleman of the land, is the one who is seeking to divide us and is rather sowing the seed of discord.

The New Patriotic Party, can never and will never be in power forever, how will the president and his party people feel, if God willing in 2021, when members of the media predisposed to their party, are not invited to the first media encounter of the National Democratic Congress government?

Today you are on top of the ivy tower, tomorrow the tables will turn and trust the NPP, they shout the loudest more than anybody.

President Donald Nana Addo Trump, will always tell us they want to transform Ghana into one of the Asian Tigers. They think as if they want Ghana to be Togo. They act as if they want Ghana to be, at best, South Sudan; or at worse, Central African Republic. Most Ghanaians have come to accept the NPP for who they are.

Nana Addo, was elected to represent all 25+ million Ghanaians. All of us. That includes those who are against him, especially the media.

He cannot aim to please friendly media at the expense of the rest of us and successfully govern our country.

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