2015: The Year Of President Mahama And Ghanaians


It is that time of the year again when prophets, poets and philosophers make their predictions for the New Year.

Some will prophesize the words of their gods, while some will present the expectations of their oracles. Some will make dramatic U-turns that will leave the souls of their followers in perpetual somersault.

Here are my expectations for 2015 AD.
Last year, the load-shedding, nicknamed “Dumsor”, threatened our survival as a nation. Whiles, Ebola, had ravaged other countries to the extent of wiping a human race, ours was a man made problem, requiring a man made solution. Dumsor, has become a perennial problem that has become the sword of Damocles, hanging on the neck of various President, since we gained independence in 1957.

A lot of efforts have been made by our past leaders, yet the generation rate every year, is not commensurate with the rate of consumption. Simply put, we consume more than we produce.

The longest period, Ghanaians have had to endure the load-shedding was when President, John Dramani Mahama, assumed the reigns of leadership. I see every problem as an opportunity. The President has the capacity and a strong sense of character to banish the Dumsor out of our life, once and for all. God does not give you a problem, you cannot surmount, nor does He put you in a situation, beyond what you can handle. I have absolute faith in President Mahama. He has not relented in making sure that the Dumsor, become something that we will discuss in our past time.

We have the potential both human and material as a nation, to end the Dumsor, and we have the best man for the job at this critical moment of our development.
2015 will see the end of Dumsor and some of the mysteries that fueled the web of suspicions among us.

Last year, we witnessed a lot of strikes on the labour front; some christened it the year of strikes, thank goodness, the government was able to address all the issues that gave rise to the strikes. My hope is that, this year will be free of strikes and that every worker, will see himself or herself as being part of the project called Ghana. The President and the government can’t do it alone, without the collaborative support of all Ghanaians.

2016, will be the year when Ghanaians go to the polls to elect their Members of Parliament (MP) and President. Campaigning has tentatively begun as the two major parties, have elected their Executives, whereas the New Patriotic Party (NPP), have elected Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, to lead the party in his third time bid to become President. This means that this year, will herald what lays ahead for us next year.

The Minority in Parliament have already given an indication as to what we should expect from them this year with their bogus press conference, accusing the government of over borrowing. The press conference failed to achieve the desire effect, because it was full of lies and laden with mischief.

2015 Ghanaians expect politicians to live above board, they expect honesty from politicians, regardless of whether, in opposition or government and above all they expect constructive criticism. My expectation is that our politicians will not descend into the gutter, simply for parochial ends. Power must not be seen as a means to an end, but rather a means to enhance the lives of Ghanaians.

In a fortnight, the senior national team, the Black Stars, will be in Equatorial Guinea for the African Cup of Nations, the coveted cup has eluded us for more than three decades now. The closest we have come is placing second, which is far below the expectation of Ghanaians, whose tax money have been used to improve sport. My expectation as our gallant boys assemble to take on the rest of Africa is that we bring the cup back home. It is long overdue, we expect nothing from them this time, but the coveted price, which is the cup.

The people of Adenta and its surrounding areas heaved a sigh of relief, when after years of living without portable water, the President commissioned the Kpone water project. Their joy is one that is missing in other homes and communities. It is my expectation this year that those enjoying this generous gift of the President will pay their bills, so that the money could be used to extend water to other areas and regions.

2015 all the Ministers and appointees of the President, who are making it difficult either through sabotage, laziness etc for him to fulfill all his promises to Ghanaians, will turn a new leaf and put their shoulders to the wheel. They have a choice to either resign or sit up. Time is not on the side of the President, I have since discovered that four years come so fast and go even faster.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is sitting on a time bomb, a bomb that will explode in our faces, when corrective and urgent measures are not taken now, before the gnashing of teeth. I am not a prophet, a soothsayer nor a saint, but I am foreseeing for the first time in our democratic dispensation, where the ruling government will have minority in Parliament. President Mahama is sure to win the 2016 Presidential election, but will have a minority MPs, if nothing is done about some of the sitting MPs.

2015 it is my expectation that non-performing MPs, who are still desirous of contesting again to realize that you cannot take the people for granted for long. I do not want to mention names here, as some have even threatened to take me to court for telling them the truth. I expect that they change; else the party will never forgive them.

As crude oil prices continue to fall and disrupt economies of several countries of the world, including Ghana, scientists in Glasgow last year, made a great breakthrough in the quest to create hydrogen fuel from water. It is one of the alternative energy dreams that could revolutionize renewable energy search. The team successfully stored gas in carbon-free liquid until needed. It is opening up the possibility of replacing petroleum in cars with a cheap and clean form of energy.

So that long-term quest for my own oil block may have to wait. Let me take a second look at the sea and the shapes of the pebbles it pushes to the beach. In 2015, the common things may become the basis of the new gold.

I have a girlfriend in Tamale, the Northern regional capital. My long held dream is that one day she could fax Tuo Zafi (TZ) to Accra. For that reason, I have been studying how the fax machine really works. I wanted to know how a paper put inside a machine in Accra ends up in Tamale in minutes.

Faxing of TZ to me was just a dream until last year, when NASA staff in California emailed a wrench to the International Space Station. They achieved this by emailing a 3D file of a wrench to the International Space Station.

Astronauts at the space station printed the wrench with a 3D printer and used it to do a plumbing job. Suddenly, it opened up the possibility of getting TZ from Tamale to Accra via an email or Fax. I’m sure it will happen in my lifetime. The push for it continues in 2015 as 3D printing technology improves.

As I maul my prophesies and expectations of 2015, I now have to master the fax technology if I’m ever going to understand the 3D printer technology.

Happy New Year!

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