20 Dreams Everyone Has And What They Mean


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Dreams can often be very confusing and easily misinterpreted. To help you decipher some of your more common dreams, here are 20 dreams everyone has and what they could possibly mean to you.

20. Flying
Dreaming about flying often has to do with how confident and in control you feel about a situation or your life. For example, flying like Superman in a dream could mean you are a heck of a lot more confident than someone trying to fly and only barely making it above the ground.

19. Spiders and Other Bugs
Dreams involving creepy-crawlers have many meanings. If you are scared of spiders, your dream may just be reminding you that you need to work through this fear. Or if the spider is poisonous it could mean you are concerned about a deadly force in your life.

18. Eating
If you are eating in your dream or food is involved in some way, knowledge or nourishment is often the meaning. But being surrounded by donuts could have a totally different meaning than just eating your usual supper at the dinner table. Or your dream could just be about food. Did you go to bed hungry?

17. Teeth Falling Out
If your teeth fell out in your dream, ouch! Lucky for you this is actually a pretty common dream with a clear-cut meaning. You may fear getting old or are feeling unattractive. Either way, I bet you brushed your teeth that morning and felt very grateful it was indeed just a dream.

16. Water
Water has two opposite meanings. Depending on the context, water could symbolize peace and calm feelings, or it could mean unease and other negative connotations.

15. Being Trapped
Being trapped can mean you are scared of making the wrong decision and then being stuck in that choice.

14. Celebrities
Having a dream about a celebrity is often not any more significant than dreaming about your neighbor. Your mind just needed to add a face to a body. I once had a dream that Drew Barrymore stole my baby and went to live on a deserted island! Anyone could have stolen my dream baby and it would have had the same meaning. However, if the celebrity is worshiping you, it could be a sign that you want fame or attention.

13. School
Dreaming about school is normal when you are younger — it’s where you spend most of your day! But as an adult dreaming about school can mean you feel like there was something you should have learned when you were younger but didn’t. If your dream happens to coincide with a new opportunity or job, it’s likely that you are feeling like you are going to be scrutinized.

12. Falling
Falling has a pretty easy to understand meaning. You may be scared of letting go or have anxiety over failing at something important.

11. Being Chased
The act of being chased after isn’t the most important thing about chasing dreams; the real meaning comes from what is chasing you. This is something you’ll have to address to find the true meaning.

10. An Uncontrollable Car or Vehicle
Being in a car or other vehicle that losses control/crashes (this happened to me in a dream last week) has to do with the control (or lack of) you feel in a situation, your destination and your feelings about it. If your car didn’t crash, you feel more positively about the situation than someone who did indeed crash.

9. Being Late
Being late in dreams involves a common theme in day-to-day life — regret. You could regret a choice you made or an opportunity you didn’t make. Another possible option is that you have an important event coming up (like a trip) and you feel anxious about it.

8. Demons, Zombies and Other Evil Creatures
Dreaming about zombies is actually a common occurrence for me. Zombies, demons and other similar creatures could mean you have some negative attachments that you need to let go of or some bad habits you have to break. They could even represent people you want to let go of in your life.

7. Being Lost
Dreams where you are lost often have to do with feeling lost in life. Some examples include trying to find out what you want to do for a living or having unresolved feelings about someone.

6. Houses
Having a house or room as the main figure in your dream can represent your mind and feelings. If you are in a bedroom, you could be exploring intimate feelings. A basement could mean you feel neglected.

5. Being Cheated On
If you are being cheated on in a dream, it does not mean that subconsciously you think he or she is actually cheating on you. Most of the time it means you are just feeling a little neglected. However, if you do actually believe your significant other is cheating on you, then your dream is just reflecting your fears.

4. Sex
Sex dreams can mean a few different things. You could really want sex (obvious answer), or you could be searching for a closer connection with someone.

3. Babies and Pregnancy
Dreams involving pregnancy and babies can symbolize a fresh slate, a literal desire to have children, or the fact that you are feeling vulnerable. Makes sense, right? P.S. I want a baby.

2. Death
Death in dreams and scary movie tarot card readings don’t actually mean death. A dream about you dying or someone else dying is not a bad omen. In actuality it means you’ve either recently gone through a death in the family and are grieving, a new beginning, or an ending. It’s all about change. So don’t sweat it, okay?

1. Being Naked or in Your Underwear
One of the most common dreams is being naked or just in your underwear in front of a crowd. Generally it has to do with feeling vulnerable about bearing yourself to others. If you seem happy about being naked, the other alternative is that you want recognition or have a lot of sexual urges you need to work out.

But all in all, dreams are subjective.

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