17 arrested for driving on shoulders of road during rush hour


The Ghana Police has said it has begun an exercise to arrest drivers who drive on the shoulders of the road during rush hours as well as those who use sirens unnecessarily.

According to the Police, they have so far arrested 17 drivers who have engaged in such acts in Cantonments in Accra.

“So far, 17 drivers have been arrested in a special exercise conducted by the Police on Monday July 10th 2017, on the Jawarlharal Nero road at Cantonments Accra,” a statement signed by the head of Public Affairs at the Accra Police command, Chief Inspector David Fianko-Okyere stated.

“The Police (MTTD) in Accra is undertaking an exercise to check drivers who drive on the shoulders of the road during rush hours, as well as uniform personnel who are also engaged in this act when they are driving their own private cars. It has also been observed that some drivers have fixed unauthorized sirens in their vehicles. The public is reminded that under the Road Traffic Regulations 2012, L.I. 2180, Section 74 specifies the category of vehicles that can use warning appliances such as siren,” the statement added.

The statement further listed some vehicles that could use sirens on the road:

  1. A government vehicle used by official purposes by head of state.
  2. A police vehicle
  3. A motor vehicle used by the fire service
  4. A motor vehicle used as an ambulance by a hospital or clinic.
  5. A motor vehicle used by other recongnised government security agenices.
  6. A bullion vehicle registered by the Licensing authority.

Some Ghanaians have complained about the indiscriminate use of sirens by drivers as well as those who in a bid to dodge vehicular traffic use shoulders of the road meant for pedestrians.

The Ghana Police Service in April 2017 gave a one-week ultimatum to persons who have unlawfully installed sirens in their vehicles to dismantle them or face the law.

According to the service, it has noted with concern the unauthorized use of sirens and horns by some motorists in the country.



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